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The PDC files can only be opened and viewed on 2 devices.

After you subscribe for the first time, you will receive an email with the subject line “LockLizard Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer Registration”.  The email has the instructions on how to install the Viewer and register your license.  You must have Administrator rights on the computer to install the secured PDF viewer software.  Once you successfully complete those two tasks, you will be able to open the PDC file.  You will need to be online to do the registration.

The best resource that we know of is the LockLizard Database at the following https://locklizardkb.com.  Of course, if you can't find the answer there, you can always contact ProExe.  If we can't help you resolve your issue, then we'll refer your question to an extremely knowledgeable and highly seasoned LockLizard expert - on our nickel, of course.

A PDC file is proprietary encapsulation of a .pdf file, created through licensed software from LockLizard.  It has a .pdc file extension to identify it.  The content of a PDC file is the eBook or other content which you are expecting to receive.

You must be connected when you initialize your license.  And you may have to be connected the first time you open a specific PDC file.  The validity of your license to open and view a specific PDC file is checked on the Internet each time the PDC file is opened for viewing.  Your computer must be connected to the Internet to open and view the PDC file.  The amount of data sent and received is small.  The files are not downloaded each time.

When you purchased to an eBook, you should have received an email notification telling you how to download our content and the server location from which you can access it.

You can also login to the Account you set up when you 'purchased' the eBooks from this site.

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This will usually be because your subscription has expired. In that case, when you renew, your access will be restored.  If you believe you are getting this message in error, contact ProExe.

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No, it is not possible to copy and paste content.  If you need to leverage content, you must go through the proper channels in order to get permission to do this.  Please contact ProExe.

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No.  Licenses are personalized.  And once you have initialized an individual license, it cannot be used on any other machine.  If you need to view an edition on more than two devices (home and work, for example), you must request and receive extra licenses.

LockLizard licenses are tied to the PC on which it was activated.  If you change your PC, your license may not be valid.  If this happens, contact ProExe and ask for a replacement license.

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You currently are only licensed to view the edition on two devices. You may contact ProExe for information about obtaining additional licenses.

You have to close any screen grabber (or applications that have similar functionality such as the Windows snipping tool) before opening PDC files.  This is one of a number of measures used to prevent unauthorized screen shot copying of content.  For instance, if you have an application (process) running which ends in ‘capture.exe’ (e.g. screencapture.exe, m4capture.exe, wincapture.exe) then you will have to close down that process, and any others that end in ‘capture.exe’ by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL on your keyboard to load Task Manager, and then in Task Manager > Processes, highlight the processes and delete them.  Unless you do this, the PDC document will not open.

Pressing the “PrtScn” button will not work.

Printing Digital Content

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Each print authorization (when allowed) entitles you to print a copy of an edition.  All prints are delivered via encrypted PDF's and are watermarked with your name and/or email address.  Please note: Each time you print, whether you print an entire edition or a single page, it uses up one authorization. So whenever you print, we strongly encourage you to always print the entire edition — never an excerpt.
Files should be printed to a printer that does not use a PostScript driver to avoid problem with unreadable pages. Open the printer properties for your printer and look for the driver name. If you see “PS” in the driver name this is a good indication that the printer uses a PostScript driver.
Rather than print out editions themselves, print authorization purchasers with unused print authorizations may ask us to print out and send them those editions.  However, there could be a delay of up to two weeks before such editions are mailed out and shipping and handling charges may apply.

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Whenever you print out an authorized copy of a digital edition, your name and/or email address will be visible.  Watermarks are only visible on prints of a document.  When you view a document, your name and email address will not be visible.

No.  For example, you cannot print to an Acrobat PDF driver or a fax-capable printer driver.  You may not convert the format of the PDC document without our specific permission.

No - not unless you connect to their network and print directly from your computer.